All is good on the home front…

Hello all – thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Nathan is easing right back into life at home. Gradually sleeping and eating on a schedule and practicing a bit in the crib. Life is about eating and sleeping right now. Nathan and the dog have something in common…

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Going home again…

The good docs are ready to let us go home tomorrow afternoon!

We wanted to share a photo from today. It’s funny how some images make you laugh and cry at the same time…

New Hardware Installed

Nathan got his new VP shunt put in this morning. This time he got a fancy one that’s programmable externally through a magnet. He did great, as usual. I think this was the 7th trip to the OR. It’s also his 4 month birthday today!

The neurosurgeon is optimistic that Nathan may be able to go without a shunt some day when he gets a little older, so we’re happy to have learned that through this process.

Hopefully we’ll get to go home in the next couple days.

We’re back

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts over the past weeks as Nathan got acquainted to his new home.

And we’re also sorry to have to post with the news that we’re back at the hospital – Rady Children’s this time. Sunday evening we noticed something strange about Nathan’s shunt incision, so we went to the ER and then Monday afternoon they removed the shunt due to infection. Nathan, of course, did great. After all, he has spent more time in hospitals than home! The surgeon commented that Nathan started waking up right after surgery and started swinging at the nurses.

We’re lucky we caught the infection early – it was localized and he wasn’t showing any physiological signs of being sick.

Here’s a picture of the little trooper. We’ll post more, and definitely more positive news soon.

Home, at last

Hello all – we just wanted to post a quick update to announce that Nathan is home, at last. He arrived home late Monday evening. He’s doing well, but this is quite a change for him going from the bright, loud NICU to a peaceful environment. He’s not sure what to do with all the darkness and quiet.

We’ll post more later. For now, everyone is trying to get some sleep…

Gettin’ Ready…

Nathan is getting ready to pack his bags and head out into the world. He’s feeding so well now and growing up way too fast. He’s coming in at 8 lbs now and looking strong.

The doctors are eying Sunday as the grand homecoming, but we’ll see how the next few days go. Mom and dad are busy managing life like a project full of tasks and timelines!

All good…

Nathan did great today. The VP Shunt is in place and he’s looking good. Once all the tubes and IVs are gone, we’ll post some new video. He’s closing in on 8 lbs!

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. We hope this is the last mile. But today we thank all the doctors and nurses out there.